Building from 1978


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Construction sites during construction

* Alessandria         Residences 'Maria'

*Trino (Vercelli)       Residences 'Letizia'


Lands & Buildings

* Valenza                Residential building

* Valenza                Building land

* Andorno M. (Biella)        Residential building







About us:

ANTONIO GENUARDI - Corso G. Garibaldi, 4 - 15048 Valenza (AL)

phone: +39 0161 828676 - cell.: +39 333 2011597

email :

The GENUARDI Company was founded in Valenza (AL) in 1978,  general manager eng. Antonio Genuardi Ph.D.

Over the years we have operated under different corporate forms but always maintaining stability and continuity.

We have built in various cities of the Piemonte Region, some Novara, Alessandria, Novi Ligure, Valenza.

We cover all areas of building with particular emphasis on residential and commercial construction.

The particular care in design, made by us, provides a unique product for architecture and for many construction details. For the construction of the building, for the paper work and construction management, we use excellent local professionals who guarantee the correspondence of the buildings to local attitudes.

We are based in Valenza (AL) in corso G. Garibaldi, 4 - 15048

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the holder

Antonio Genuardi